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Kids Multivitamin - Meal Shakes

With their on-the-go lives, kids don't always have time for a sit-down meal. That's why they need fast food options that are also good for them — choices like low-fat, low-glycemic Shaklee Meal Shakes.

Provide 19 essential vitamins and minerals- the fundamental nutrients and the growing kids and teens             need to stay strong and healthy.
Rich source of calcium and an
Excellent source of  dietary fiber and protein
Low glycemic index

Actually meal shakes can be consumed by all level of people. Baby below 1 is not recommended for Meal Shakes.

Meal Shakes has a lot benefits. They are:

1. Can be consume during fasting

       Meal shakes can be taken together with ESP and Performance Drink. We will not feel hungry until we            break the fast. Most of my friends can’t eat food at early morning therefore they will take Meal shakes,          ESP and Performance drink together with they favourite drink.

2. For those skip their breakfast due to late. Mighty 3 Gems

3. Increase appetite among toddlers.

        My daughter is a picky eater and sometimes she doesn't eat rice the whole day. She also has some               constipation problem.. After taking Meal Shakes she eats rice and all types of vegetables. Previous I             have to cook only based on her favourite food but now she will eat all the types of vegetables and                 make me easy to cook. SAY NO TO CONSTIPATION...

        I also give my daughter Omega Guard because she is a day dreamer; she will not focus in the                        classroom and her education level drop. After I gave her meal shake and Omega Guard, her class                 teacher was surprise to look at her changes and she is focusing in the class room and answer all the              question very well.
       Thank you for Meal Shake + Omega Guard..

4. Other benefits.

        Meal shake also can be consume by pregnant mother and for those do not like to swallow tablets.

Price of 1 canister Meal shake is RM113.75 can be consumed for 2 months.

This month’s May 2014 Shaklee has Promotion of buy 6 free 1 canister of Meal Shake with the total price of RM682.50 only.

Promotion buys 6 canister of Meal Shake with 1 bottle of Omega Guard, free membership will be provided.

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