Monday, 26 May 2014

Kavy and Meal Shakes

I am a mother of 3 girls. My kids are is my world (I guess most of mum will say so). My elder daughter, Kavy is very thin and she has bad appetite. She also a picky eater. 
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Kavy is studying in standard 1. She is in afternoon school. Although she is afternoon school, she will wake up at 8 am. Not to say early but the problem is she will feel very tired back from school at 7pm. She will go to bed at 10 pm and sometimes at 9pm. 

As a working mum, I only have time to spend with her school homework and some revision at night. When I am guiding with her school work she will not concentrate on her work. I can't make her to stay longer. Sometimes she sleeps on her studying table. It makes me very sad because she is average student and need more guide in her studies.

And now U know, I have no more this problem. I will feel tired and wants to sleep but she can ask me to sit and do her homework. Kavy loves to draw and colour. She can finish her home and do some drawing. Now it is different way where I sleep on her studying table and she do her work.

How do I solve the problem,

I was introduce to Meal Shakes cause of her picky eater and to gain some weight.

After consuming 1 canister or meal I manage to solve her tired problem. She wakes up at 8am and goes to sleep 12pm. She has no more complaining of her leg pain. She didn't not gain weight but she become more active after school. She goes tuition after school and back from tuition she do school home work and together with her tuition home work.


Guess what I start giving Meal Shakes to my 2nd daughter Keerthi.

Lets wait for her differences in my next entry.  

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