Thursday, 8 May 2014

Best time to take vitamin/supplements

In current trend most of vitamin/ supplements become a necessary.  One of the reason is we are not taking foods based on food pyramid as suggest. 

Another than living style and taking too much of fast foods. Most of us are busy with work, school and college, where we have to look for some easy munchies food or skip meal. 

When we are not taking good diet, will cause us too feel very tired and not focus in our work or studies. Later on will effect on our performance.

Therefore vitamin/supplement becomes important. Lately Shaklee is becoming famous. 

Some guidelines in taking vitamin/supplements  

1. Iron can be taken together with milk or calcium. Therefore Vita-Lea can be taken together with OsteMatrix.

2. Vitamin B is best taken in the morning to have more energy and reduce stress

3. Vitamin E, Omega, CoQ10 is best taken together with fat food ( example milk). 

4. Calcium and magnesium is best taken before sleep for effectiveness. Magnesium help to sleep well. 

5. Do not take supplement with caffeine drinks it will effect on the effectiveness. 

6. Never overdose and drink at least 3 liter water per day.

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