Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Traditional Vs Shaklee Confinement Set

I just want to share my experience. My elder 2 daughters I were on traditional method on confinement. My mum doesn't allow me to drink a lot of water afraid of blotted. When doesn't have enough water... OMG I had a bad constipation untill I cry. The bad thing is I didn't breastfeed my baby because of no milk at all.

When I was expecting my 3rd baby, I doesn't want to have the same problem. Therefore I started to GOOGLE information about breastfeed and confinement set. 

I also had discussion with my office mate and my friends who SUCCESSFULLY breastfeed their baby for 2 years. After all the discussion I bought confinement set of brand X (secret) I am very upset with set and not worth with the money I spend. 

During my confinement I try to GOOGLE on other confinement set and I found Shaklee set. The main purpose I took Shaklee Confinement Set is to breastfeed my baby. After that I fall in LOVE with Shaklee and I am still on Shaklee supplement although I have stop breastfeed my due to my health problem.

I stop breastfeeding my baby after 6 months but I still have stock of Breast milk untill my baby is 9 month. I saw a lot difference between breast feed baby and formula milk baby.

Recently I saw a doctor and while talking to him he told when a calf drink cow's milk it start to walk because cow's milk contain of energy. But when a mother breastfeed her baby it contains all the vitamins and minerals which will help to build the immune system and good for babies brain. He advice all the mother should breast feed the baby minimum 6 months.

I am here to help and guide to  SUCCESSFULLY breastfeed with Shaklee Breastfeeding / Confinement set.

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