Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Beautiful Skin

Everyone wants to look beautiful. But not everyone can afford to buy expensive products to help Good news; we have a set, according to YOUR budget!

It is consists of Vitamin C,  Vitamin B-Complex and Vitamin E. 

How this vitamin works?

Vitamin C stimulates collagen and collagen formation. Collagen is important because it is a basic compound muscles, tissues, gum, skeletal and cartilage. Therefore, it can improve wrinkles and prevents the muscles become flaccid. Vitamin C Skin Beautifying - Take vitamin C daily for skin lightening, anti-aging, and prevent the formation of black pigment.

Vitamin E, for anti-aging - vitamin E helps to slow down aging, reduce wrinkles, fine lines, scars, and acne and aging spots. It is able to restore skin texture and tone the face, chest and thigh muscles. Vitamin E also repairs scars - Repairing swelling and skin ulcers. Vitamin E can be applied on the wound to minimize scarring.

And lastly for beautiful and healthy skin. We’ll have to take all the Vitamin B Complex.


Shaklee Vitamin B complex complete with eight groups of vitamin B, equipped with the Patented Bioactive absorption. More precisely is Folic acid; a Vitamin B cannot be easily absorbed. Vitamin B also used for anti-stress management. To look beautiful we should not be stress.

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