Sunday, 1 June 2014

10 Easy Steps For A Successful Breastfeeding

Breast feed is the best feed for the baby. It is best if the mother can give to her baby after she delivered the baby.

10 Easy Steps For A Successful Breastfeeding.

B – Best prenatal care to ensure your baby is healthy at birth and will not need special care.

R – Read all you can about breast-feeding during pregnancy.

E – Explain to your doctor about any breast injury, surgery or inverted nipples.

A – Ask to breast-feed your baby soon after delivery. 

S – Stay in the same room as your baby. 

T – Talk to friends who have breast-fed successfully.

F- Feed from the breast exclusively.

E – Expect your milk to increase after a few days and expect to breast-feed about 8 -12 times in 24    hours.

E – Enjoy lots of rest.

D – Do not give up. Give yourself and baby to learn to breast-feed. 

Sources of Dumex Mamil.

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