Friday, 23 May 2014

5 Tips on Storage and Handling Expressed Breast Milk (EBM)

I was talking to my friend first time mom and preparing back to work. She was asking me few question. There question are:

1. How to keep expressed breast milk (EBM)?
2. How long can the milk been kept? 

Guideline on storage EBM. 

Sources from:

Tips in Storing EBM

1. EBM plastic bag

I used plastic Autumn EBM plastic bag. I feel Autumn plastic bag is thicker and easily to handle. Other than that we also can use milk bottle. We must keep in small quantity such as 4oz depends on the amount baby drink.
Autumn EBM storage bag

We also can get more in formation on storage and handling EBM in WikiHow.

2. Write date and time 

I write date and time on a sticker and paste on the EBM plastic bag.This is to keep track on expiry of EBM.  The frozen EBM can only be used 6 months (deep frezer).  

3. Melting EBM

Since I am working mom, I used to keep the frozen EBM in fridge on night before go to bed to melt the EBM. I keep the amount need for the day. If I forgot to do so I will ask my baby sitter to keep the amount milk needed on the running water. 

P/s: Avoid from melting EBM on room temperature. 

4. Never mix EBM with different temperature.

EBM is best if we mix with the same temperature. Example. If we have 2 oz of milk expressed in the morning and kept in the fridge. In the afternnon we have another 2oz of expressed milk keep in separate container in the fridge. Wait untill both container have the same temperature (night) than we mix both milk together.

5. Warmup EBM

Warmt up the EBM by using warmer. Since I do not have warmer I placed to bottle in a cup of hot water as the picture below. 
Warm up EBM

For further reading on warm EBM in WikiHow.  

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