Monday, 5 May 2014

Labour Day Holiday.

I guess not too late to wish Happy Labour Day. Since it is a public holiday, I and my family went for an outing at Farm in the City.

As I know it is going to be a tired day. I started my day with ESP and milo. ESP can make me energetic the whole day. I cannot stand hunger and ESP makes me not hungry. I also took Vita-Lea is multivitamin and B-Complex to control my stress level.  Vita-Lea can't be taken with milk.

My kids start their day with Milk + Meal Shakes and Omega Guard to make them energetic. They stay energy the whole visit.

My second daughter had flat feet where she can't walk so long and she will have pain. But after consuming Meal Shakes + Omega Guard she can walk and never complain of leg pain.

My husband is on diet therefore he start the day with Cinch Energy Tea to make him stay energetic. My husband also have dehydration problem because he sweat a lot and makes him feel tired although he took a lot of water. Therefore I prepared for him Performance Drink + ESP to feel better.

We had a great time in the farm and spend our precious time with kids. It had been long time we never spend time together.

At night before go to bed I and my husband took 4 Ostematrix to have a good sleep and wake up the next day without any feel of tired.

Ops before I forget this month promotion is Meal Shakes buy 6 free 1. For more information read my entry on kids multivitamin

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