Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Mother Day Special

Are you looking for mother day gift?

Last year gave mum gold and the year before brought her for vacation.

Why don’t this try sometimes different and make the mum happiest by gifting her supplement…

Show mum that we care on her health…

Here are 9 suggestions on supplement for mother and wife…

1. Anti-Aging

2.BreastFeeding Set / Confinment Set
 Vita-Lea, B-Complex, Vitamin-C, Alfalfa, Energizing Soy Protein (ESP),&  OsteMatrix,
For C- section mom  Zinc can be include.

3.Sugar Control Set
 ESP, Vita-Lea, GLA, Zinc, Alfalfa & Vita-C

4. Haji & Umrah or Vacation
 Performance Drink, OsteMatrix, Vita-Lea, B-Complex, Vita- C

5. Immune Booster

6.Pregnant Moms
 Vita-Lea, B-Complex, Vitamin-C, Energizing Soy Protein (ESP), OsteMatrix & Omega Guard.

7.Skin Care Set
 B-Complex, Vitamin-C, Vitamin-E, GLA Complex, Energizing Soy Protein (ESP), OsteMatrix , Vivix. & Collagen

8.Weight Management
 Lecithin, Herb-Lax,  Cinch Shake Mix & Cinch Energy Tea Mix.

9.For mom who can't consume pills or capsules
 Meal Shake, Energizing Soy Protein (ESP), Vivix & NutriFeron.

Here is a set of recommendations to health. However, these are merely suggestions and can be changed according to compatibility. Contact us for a FREE consultation! ♥

I'm ready to help!

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