Thursday, 17 April 2014

Get Rid of Stretch Marks after Delivery

As an Indian woman, tummy is a very important to maintain for tying saree. After delivery most of will lost the beauty of tummy because of lot stretch marks.

Lately I attend my cousin’s wedding, and I tied saree because it is very close relationship of mine. While all the relatives were   looking at the ceremony of the weeding. Suddenly a relation of mine walk near to and ask, “how come u don’t have any stretch marks on your tummy part?” I smiled. And she add “u don’t look like a mother of three, your skin are shinning and you look younger than your age’.

Therefore I would like to share some natural ways to get rid of stretch marks.

1. Egg Whites.

The protein in egg whited help your skin rejuvenates. Apply egg whites on the affected area three times.

2. Potato juice

Potato has vitamins and minerals in their juice help restore skin cells, making stretch marks less apparent. Slice a potato and rub in our affected area.

3. Lemon juice

The acids in lemon juice can help fade and bleach stretch marks. Rub the juice onto your affected areas and then let it dry for about 10 minutes before rinsing it off.

4. Olive oil

 Olive oil to can be used throughout your pregnancy help prevent stretch marks. Olive oil contains vitamin E, which restores skin tissue. The oil will also help soften your skin so it can expand, making stretch marks less likely.

5. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera alsot that can be used during and after pregnancy to diminish stretch marks. It soothes and heals your skin, and is gentle enough to apply daily.

6. The way I love most is ‘ESP Shaklee’.

Shaklee ESP powder is a good source of soy protein.  ESP provides 14 grams of high quality non-GMO soy protein with all the amino acids, including the nine essential amino acids your body needs for protein synthesis.

 ESP benefits in:
1.Encourage re-generation of skins and muscles .
2. Help to cure wounds and scars.
3. Reduce wrinkle
4. Glowing and moisten the skins
5. Maintain a younger skin and muscle so we fill always energetic.

ESP also can be used by:
For nursing mother as milk enhancer.
Individual who take care of their general health.
Those who wish for beauty skin and to slimming down.
School children or university student.
Athlete, body builders or sports enthusiast.
Weak and losing appetite elders.
Recuperating surgery patient.
Heart, cancer, ulcer, skin problem, hair fall, no appetite patient.

For more details on ESP can get in Anti-aging

ESP price for Peninsular is RM150. 00. (RM155.00 for EM)

For order contact:
Logeswary Mariappan
SMS/Whatapp: 012-3612203
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