Sunday, 13 April 2014


Life Extensionists are at the forefront when it comes to taking protective measures against the physical and mental decline that occurs with aging. While many individuals faced with the prospect of aging are consistent users of antioxidants, those who are serious about extending their lives avail themselves of additional advanced anti-aging supplements as well as hormones to compensate for age-related deficits.

You can't stop from aging, but you can delay it! HOW?

Each and everyone is constantly finding ways to delay aging.

Shaklee Anti-Aging Set, a ritual to youthful and healthier life!

Benefits of Shaklee Anti-Aging Set:

  • Provides nourishment for healthy glowing skin, luscious hair, strong nails and muscle. 
  • Helps reduce brown spot, promotes brighter complexion.
  • Maintain healthy collagen for youthful look.
  • Boost energy
  • Strengthens immune system.
It Contains of:

  • Promotes  overall health and wellness
  • Rejuvenates and helps you to be more energetic.
  • Strengthen your immune system.
Price of 150mL Vivix are RM475.00 .

  • Activate the immune defense system.
  • Helps protect from the daily exposure to millions of foreign invaders that can lead to serious sickness and disease.
Price of 30 sticks of Nutriferon are RM181.75 .

3. ESP Soy Protein Isolated Powder
  • For nursing mother as milk enhancer.
  • Individual who take care of their general health.
  • Those who wish for beauty skin and to slimming down.
  • School children or university student.
  • Athlete, body builders or sports enthusiast. 
  • Weak and lossing appetite elders.
  • Recuperating surgery patient.  
  • Heart, cancer, ulcer, skin problem, hair fall, no appetite patient.

Price of one canister contains of 850gm are RM150.00.

Total price for Anti-Aging are 806.75 exclude shipping charges.  

Contact me for further details and stay young forever.

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SMS/Whatapp: 012-3612203
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