Friday, 16 May 2014

Pregnancy Set

Nurse: Your HB is low. You have to eat healthy food. If HB still drop we have to put injection.
Mum: Ok.
Nurse: After this take Iron tablets 2 in the morning with empty stomach. Make sure you take ur Obimin tablets also on time. 

This is favourite advice from the nurse when it is 37/ 38 weeks.

My sis is waiting for the arrival of her 2nd baby. While she was expecting first baby the nurse will advice her from the early of pregnancy. That time I have no idea about Shaklee and other supplement. She only take medicine given in clinic. 

She will take 2 iron tablets in the morning and immediately vomit out. So do you think the vitamin has been absorb to her body. When look at Obimin she don't feel like taking it. She also skip her meals because she feel like vomiting when thought of eating

For her 2nd pregnancy she start Shaklee from the day Doctor is inform she is pregnant. She also have a terrible morning sickness untill her deliver.  

The vitamin she took is:

ESP: To feel more energetic since working mom's need more energy and also to prevent from hungry. 

Vita-Lea: Its is multivitamin which all types of vitamin needed for the mom and baby.

Vitamin B Complex:  folic acid provides the nutrition and also helps cope with morning sickness.

Vitamin C :helps to strengthen immune system and to developed and repairing of cells and tissues.

OsteMatrix: help to provide the sufficent amount of calcium per day for mother and Baby.

2nd and 3rd Trimester all the above supplement and additional the below:

OmegaGuard: for the development of brain cells of the baby and also helps to improve mother’s memory. 

Alfalfa: to prevent jaundice on new born cause my sis blood group "O". Alfalfa can't be taken early pregnancy cause it can induce contraction. 

Will update on my next entry after the baby is born. 

Let's share her story:

She has very less morning sickness.Her morning sickness is less compare to her 1st baby.  The best thing is her HB never drop and the nurse said "GOOD KEEP IT UP'. Of course there is different between 1st and 2 nd baby, where she have to take care of her elder son is very active. She don't feel hungry although she skip her meal in between. 

Supplement is important for pregnant mother because it will make the mother health and at the same time the health of baby also good. What the mother eat will goes to baby. Therefore pregnant mother should eat healthy food to have a healthy baby. 

This set also can be used after delivery, you don't have to stop the supplement. It is also a milk booster set for breastfeeding mum.

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