Tuesday, 20 May 2014


Lately I had a food poisoning. There is a new restaurant open near our house. So we went for food trial. After back for the restaurant, my stomach was upset and the pain no words to describe.

After that I had DIARRHEA. OH MY GOD I can't remember how many times. I feel very tired untill I am unable to walk.

Tips for diarrhea:

My mum gave thick coffee without sugar and also orange cordial without mixing with water.

Than I remember I have THREE supplement is my room. They are

1. Performance Drink
To keep me dehydrated cause diarrhea can cause of losing fluid in our body.

2. Nutriferon.
To increase my immune system and to fight against virus and bacteria infection.

3. Peppermint Ginger
To help in stomach upset.

Luckily only me alone had diarrhea.

I have no appetite to eat after that and went to bed with empty stomach.

The next day I woke up energetic and start my work as usual.

Performance Drink is cost of RM82.50 for 539 g.

Nutriferon cost only RM181.25 for 30 sachet.

Peppermint Ginger cost 45 for 90 tablets.

Looking for Discount?

It is all retail price. If you would like to have discount.

Sure you can get discount if be a member of SHAKLEE with just RM75.

You will enjoy the member price and points will be given for each purchase under your ID.

Every purchase from me will get a free consultation from time to time.

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