Thursday, 24 April 2014

Sharing is Caring

I would like to share the knowledge I gain in a motivation talk yesterday night by Prof. Dato’ Dr. Noordin Darus. He is a really good motivator and I would like to share some of the knowledge I gain on Prof’s motivation talk.  

Before the talk start we were explain by four groups of people. The are:

Which category you like to choose?  Decide know before u become nobody. 

There are also 3 types of people:

Type 1: Watch other people success.
This group of people  help other people to improve their life style, where else our            life style is remaining or getting worst.
Type 2: Wonder what is happening.
This group of doesn’t care what is happening around. They are lost and living in their          world.
Type 3: Make it happen.
           This group of people will make their dream come true. To achieve their dream                the will push their self to success.


1. Peace of Mind.
        We have to work any jobs in 100% involvement. If we put only 50% than our return             also will be 50% only.

2. Health & Fitness.
        We have to be healthy and fit to take the challenges were going to face. If you fail            you have to befit enough to try again until success.

3. Long term love & Relationship
        We must have good relations with our prospect. We must love them and take care           of them. When we are in good relation with our prospect, we will have a love and            relationship until the end of the world.

4. Financial Freedom.
        This is aim most of us. We have time for family, work when we wish to work. A               statement says “Poor dad is his faith but if the son is poor, than he never try to find         the way of success”. Our financial freedom when our future generation have a                    peaceful  life.

5. Purpose of life.
        Do we achieve purpose of our life? We have to earn than value of ourselves. All of           us have their own value.  

6. Give Back.
        We have to help other no matter in any ways. Helping others doesn’t mean by                    donating money or clothes. We can help others by giving knowledge. It is also giving          back to other. The more we give the more we will receive.

7. Be grateful what we are.
We have to thank GOD that we are perfect human.  If Vujicic can why we cannot.

I have learnt a lot of information. But for now I shared this. If I have more in future I will share with all of you the knowledge I gain. Give back knowledge is also a sharing.

Sharing is Caring...

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